Inspiration to study harder for Japanese. =)

Hope this will inspire you all to study harder.


I was previously studying at a Japanese school and my former teacher (kyoushi) was a native Japanese who speak very minimum English. For a slow learner like me, this is disastrous.

After Googling for Japanese classes around, I found Sensei’s website. Initially I had my reserve too, so I emailed him for more details. Sensei replied however I did not respond to his email. For a while, I though he had forgotten about me but I received another email from him shortly. What attracted me was his seventeen visits to Japan. One must really like a country so much as to visit it seventeen times!

I have enjoyed all the classes very much though Japanese was very difficult for me. Sensei is always very patience towards us (especially me, laughs). Sensei never scold me for been slow but he will scold me for saying I understand when I do not understand (>.<). I try my best to repay the debt of gratitude by studying harder. Still it’s tough for me. But more important than winning is not giving up.

Sincerely grateful that I have met Sensei, he is a person who is very passionate and serious about teaching and that really inspires me. Apart from the teaching, the pace is very comfortable, practical practice and various touching actions (i.e. cooking Ramen for the class straight after rushing off from work, creating a WhatsApp and Facebook group for our Q&A, updating his blog and not canceling the lesson even Sensei’s throat is not well). Sensei is a person whom keeps his promises and constantly cracking his brain how to encourage us. Kudos.

I feel the “class” is more like a family and Sensei is our elder brother (お兄さん) whom care for us; humanity that inspires hope. Hope this family can grow strong and soar high. I look forward to the day where my victory is Sensei’s victory (when a native Japanese praise me for my proficiency in their language. Haha). For now, written, speaking and listening is a challenge.

Lay Ling, Beginner Japanese student
Year 2013


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