What’s so good about our classes?


A lot of people might ask. What’s so good about our classes?

Basically, once you have joined us.

1) we will assign you a senior (usually a good intermediate/pre-advanced student) to help you to get used to our teaching methods/answer your doubts if any.

2) Assign you to the big community of Japanese learners which are currently/were under us.

2) If you have any questions about Japanese, using Internet, you can almost get the answer that you want within a day or you from us/your seniors.

3) Everybody is like family in the community.

4) We have Japanese contacts so we get latest information from Japan every week to know what’s going on in Japan real-time.

Both me and J would want to make sure that you feel comfortable.

We hope to see you in our classes. (^_^)

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