JLPT’s over for now, So what’s next?



JLPT’s over for now, so what’s next?

I think 12月 should be used to rest. 1 week before you resume your studies, take time to revise what you have learned, so that you can move a longer distance.

For my classes, i have a class that is going to finish N5 syllabus, moving on to N4 (Intermediate 1) somewhere in Feb.

Also, my 2nd attempt in starting a JLPT N1 class. It’s gonna be hard, but nonetheless, i am going to offer it. =)

The last time, i taught 1 guy and he passed his N1, despite learning in language schools here in SG, it didn’t help. So i think my approach will work. (^_^)

Business Japanese classes, N2 classes are also coming up next year, i am going to need all the rest that i can get.

Next year onwards, some classes are not going to be offered due to a lot of time required to prepare N1, Business Japanese materials.

Meanwhile, this period is resting time, materials preparation time.

What are you going to do this holiday? (^_^)


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