Taking twice a week vs once a week lessons



Today, one of my students, T-san, who is currently attending my Beginner 1 class told me that he wanted to stop attending my lessons. The reason behind it is this.

T-san works in a Japanese company and needs to get his N3 by mid Jul next year. At the current pace that he is at now, he will not be able to get his N3 if he takes once a week lessons.

He then told me that he wants to go to a language school to study twice a week. I am not against him going to a language school to study, it’s more like worrying that T-san gets burnt out when he cannot achieve
what he wants.

I then recalled some of my private students who were during twice a week at a language school and felt very stressed. In the end, they also changed to once a week.

And i recalled my own experience when i was working and doing my N2 lessons, having twice a week lessons and i was burnt out after 3 months. It brought me to think about the above topic.

Taking twice a week lessons and once a week lessons. What are the pros and cons?

Lesson pace is faster, you will finish 1 chapter in 1 week.
Get JLPT certificate faster.

A lot of vocabulary to memorize.
Need to revise everyday.
Private time is heavily reduced.
Understanding of grammar is not as firm as those who does once a week.
Easily burnt out.
Get angry easily.

What are some pros and cons that you can think of?

2 thoughts on “Taking twice a week vs once a week lessons

  1. personally , i feel that once a week is enough . alot of content gets covered in a week . just getting all of the homework done is a challenge by itself already .

    if i feel its not enuff , i can always do more on my own . for instance , i learned 6 grammer last wk , i can go and make ten sentences and give my sensei to mark next week to check whether i really understand the grammer or i can go and make flash cards on all the voc i learnt and drill myself till i can memorise 80% of them .

    ideas are only limited by your imagination.

    sentences wit

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