Business Japanese, N3

中上級クラス:会話中心が開きます! (Pre-Advanced Japanese Class (Conversation Track) starting 14th Oct)



-JLPT N3文法

学費: 200ドル/10回 (1年間ぐらい)


What we will study in this conversation track
-Accents & Intonations of words
-Revision of beginner and intermediate grammar and using it to form sentences
-Pre-advanced Business Japanese
-Business manners
-JLPT N3 grammar

Fees: $200 for 10 sessions (About 1 year to complete)
Textbook: $10

Note that this is purely a conversation class, which you will learn JLPT N3 grammar. If you wish to take the JLPT N3 after the completion of this course (you will need to do an extra 8 week bridging course)

For all interested parties, please drop us an email.

Read about what one student said after she joined one of my trial lessons.
Just attended a trial N2 lesson with Dimitri_can today and I hope to share my experience on this forum.

N2 is not for the faint-hearted and there was alot of grammar material to cover. Considering the fact that I haven’t been studying Japanese since my N3 exam in July, I was very rusty but Dimitri was patient. Having self-studied my way till N3 I did not have any pronunciation practice but he corrected my pronunciation on a number of occasions and let me repeat that sentence to make sure I understood. Must thank the class for bearing with me too!

Another thing I liked about Dimitri’s lessons was that he gives us plenty of tips on how to tackle the JLPT such as the grammar forms that are likely to appear. For some new grammar forms, he would also show us how it might be tested in the exam.

He also gave us tips on how to get reading material and pronunciation/reading practice which was useful. We did comprehension exercises and he went through the passages with the class. Dimitri will also answer students’ questions to ensure that everyone can understand what he is teaching.

In conclusion I intend to take lessons under Dimitri to further my Japanese learning.

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