Self study Japanese Lesson 8: Telling time /Trains Part 2

Dear all,

Lesson 8 is on telling time and trains part 2.

Sometimes you might wonder, how to ask the train station which platform to take your next train. Below is a good example.

Station Master: こんにちは (kon-ni-chi-wa/Good day)

You: __________(place that you want to go)へ いきたいですが、何番線ですか。 (__________(place that you want to go) e i-ki-tai-desu-ga, nan-ban-sen desu ka.)
I want to go to __________, which platform is it?

Station Master: ____ばんせんです(_______ban-sen desu)
Platform _______.

or sometimes he/she may say… depending on the time the train departs.

Station Master:  _________(time) はつ(ha-tsu) ____ばんせんです(_______ban-sen desu)
Departing at _______, Platform ___________

Station Master: こんにちは (Kon-ni-chi-wa/Good day)

You: 新宿(しんじゅく)へ行きたいですが、何番線ですか。 (Shinjuku e ikitai desu ga, nan ban sen desu ka/ I want to go to Shinjuku, which platform is it)

Station Master: 3番線です。 (3 ban sen desu/Platform 3)

Don’t forget to thank the station master.


You may also hear words like 「のりかえて/no-ri-ka-e-te」 which means change at ____________


しんじゅくでのりかえてください (Shinjuku de no-ri-ka-e-te-ku-da-sai)

Please change at Shinjuku.

Don’t forget the numbers.

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