Registration for Free Keigo lessons

Following my previous post on free Keigo lessons, i am now happy to inform all that the registration is now open. There is enough for 8 seats per lesson and kindly note that i do not accept mass registration. Each person should do the registration on their own.

Minimum level required: N4

Session 1 (23rd Jun (Sat) 7-9pm ) or (26th Jun (Mon) 7-9pm)
-Keigo: The real 5 different types (teachers in schools only teach 3 types)
-Differentiating between the different types and knowing how to use them
-How to memorize Keigo easily and effectively using 幻想水滸伝 movies

Session 2 (30th Jun (Sat) 7-9pm or (2nd Jul (Mon) 7-9pm) )
-Tele-conversation skills

Session 3 (7th July (Sat) 7-10pm or (9th July (Mon) 7-10pm) )
-Writing business emails and Japanese resumes.

Template for Registration

Subject: Free Keigo lessons

Contact Number:
Current level of Japanese: Intermediate/Advanced
Level of JLPT attained:
How many years did you study Japanese:
How did you find out about my website: HWZ forum/Friend
Session 1: Sat/Mon slot
Session 2: Sat/Mon slot
Session 3: Sat/Mon slot

All participants will be notified by email on the slots that they have chose, first come first served basis and will be notified 1 week before the lesson starts.

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