先生、Will you give up teaching me?

Today, i’ll like to share another story of one of my students.
I hope this story will inspire all of you, who are studying Japanese to not give up.
Today, i was having my free supplementary class with one of my students. Suddenly, this question came out. “Sensei, will you give up teaching me?”
When i heard this, i replied, “What are you saying? Of course i won’t give you up. I see that you are trying so hard to study. No matter how many times we need to have supplementary lessons, i won’t give up teaching you”

In reality, this student of mine has a hard time memorizing her Hiragana (she’s at her lesson 10 now) and therefore has problems doing her homework. She has a bit of a bad memory (  m(_ _)m ), but i can see that she is trying her best to do well, writing 20 times of the whole Hiragana chart… I sat down with her for 2 hours to help her with her homework. After that, although i was a bit tired after teaching, i felt very happy. Because i managed to help a student.

In life, there are times where you wish to help someone and you cannot due to some reasons. Of course, it’s not every time whereby you have the means to help a person. Sometimes being a teacher, it’s not us that teach the students, it’s the students that teach us stuff. -Quote from one of the SIM lecturers.

With this, i’ll like to end this short post with this song to thank this student.

ありがとうのうた by V6

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