「というわけではない」 と 「というものではない」の区別

更新: 2021年1年26日


こんばんは。今日、シンガポールの皆さんはお休みですね。私は仕事をしていました。 =(



It doesn’t mean that, that day is impossible, if possible, I’ll be grateful if we can have (a event) on another day.

Meaning: Cannot say that… /It’s not something ~especially.
Chinese meaning: “并不是说”, “并不是因为”, “并不是这样的(原因,理由)”

It’s not ok to say that if the railroads (trains) are fast, it’s good. Passengers’ safety is number 1.

意味: ある条件が整えば必ず~ということになるとは言えない
Meaning: Even if you have prepared the requirements for ~, cannot say that it will become ~
Chinese Meaning: 并非…… 未必……

I believe that 「というものではない」 would have a stronger emphasis as compared to 「というわけではない」. What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts.

新完全マスター文法 N2

In the N2 exam, it’s quite likely that both grammar points will come out in the paper, but it’s quite unlikely to be seen in the same question, based on past experiences. So rest assured. Before the exam, i will post my predictions of what grammar points will come out in N2, so do keep a look out.
Good luck for those taking the paper in July.  (^_^)

Something light to end off the remaining 3 days of the work-week. Enjoy.

「ヒカリへ」by miwa

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