New Beginner Class starting.

Starting June 27th, 7.30pm-9.30pm
Contact me for more information
Early bird discount for those who register early.

-Key point:Able to converse using simple sentences with Japanese (i.e if i throw you to Japan for 1 week-1 month, you are able to find your way and ask for directions around)
-Master the Hiragana writing system and at least 150-200 Kanji
-Learn some basic Business Japanese and basic ethics in working in a Japanese company.
-Understand more about the Japanese way of living through real life experiences of my 14 times of Japan travel, understand why sometimes Japanese people do things in 1 way but not the other.
-Introduce you to some Japanese friends who are staying in Japan/living in Singapore.
-Cultural sharing of Japanese culture.
-Appreciate and understand how to translate Japanese songs and drama
-Learn advanced useful sentence structures (if class is able to absorb)

At the end of the course, there will be a short oral assessment done by a native Japanese to ascertain your level to converse in Japanese

Textbook used: I like to reference from different sources. There are currently about 100 books in my Japanese library which i use to help students learn more.

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