Touching testimonial from student

Just received a touching testimonial from a student who’s currently studying in Waseda University in Japan. Despite his busy schedule, he still wrote such a touching testimonial for me… <泣>

It reads like this.
I’m currently studying in Waseda University as an Undergraduate. I’ve been taking Can’s classes for about a year and have to say by far, Can’s the only Teacher i’ve known who would do his best to help his students without a second thought no question ask.  When the need arises, the previous phrase ‘do his best’ does not give justice to Can at all, as I would’ve to say Can would go beyond what is normally expected to help his student should an emergency were to occur just to help out as a teacher and as a friend as well.

Can’s teaching style is pretty flexible and allows me to learn various things not normally taught in normal Japanese classes and to be able to mix and match to fit my needs.

Thanks to Can, I’m now able to progress smoothly during my stay in Japan and in a Japanese University.

By: Terence Kong
Ex student from Private class

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