How to Purchase b-mobile card for use in Japan


Dear all, unless you have a Japanese phone to help you activate the line. Now the helpdesk will charge 2500 yen for activation.

It’s recommended that you can get visitor SIM

Details are over here

27th Sept 2012

Dear all,

Attached are these guides on how to purchase b-mobile Card.
Please use these guides at your own risk!

1GB guide

MicroSIM guide

normal SIM guide

One thought on “How to Purchase b-mobile card for use in Japan

  1. Hello!
    I’m so glad I had found this awesome guide on the purchase. Thank you very much! (*^^*)
    Are you able to let me know if this b-mobile u300 can works on any iPhone 4? Or my iPhone needs to be unlocked/jailbroken? Lastly by unlimited it meant I can surf the Internet constantly without additional charge for the first 10 days?

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