Here are some frequently asked questions about our lessons.
Updated: 19th Apr 2018

1. Will there be any make-up lesson if we missed a lesson?

Answer: Yes, there will be. However as our make-up lesson is 1-to-1, do take note that instead of a 2/2.5 hour lesson, you might only get a 1-1.5 hours lesson instead. We will assess your level to take in new knowledge during the interview/lesson. Also, make-up lessons may be chargeable to be fair to the others (e.g if you make up for lessons a lot of times in a 10 week course).

2a. Will a receipt be issued?

Answer: An receipt will be issued.

2b. Can i attend your lessons under SkillsFuture scheme?

Answer: Unfortunately, as our lessons are more towards private customized lessons, we are unable to apply funding for that.

3. How do i sign up for your classes?

Answer: Email to us with your name, contact number, tell us a bit more about yourself. We will usually have an interview with you to show you the textbook/materials used, also to understand more about your commitment level and give advice on whether you can cope before committing to taking lessons with us.

4. Are the fees paid refundable?

Answer: All fees paid are non-refundable, unless the class is unable to start due to insufficient students.

5. How can i improve Japanese while taking your lessons?

Answer: Try to watch more anime/drama/interact more with your seniors (e.g having chat with them via Facebook) , don’t be afraid to speak in Japanese in class. We will tell you where to watch/lend you some DVDs. =)

6. If i have questions during the week/while doing exercises, can i ask both of you?

Answer: We have a senior-buddy program which a senior will be assigned to help you. You can ask your senior buddy or ask us, we usually reply with 2-48 hours, depending on the time you ask us the question.

7. What makes your course so different from those taught in the language schools?

Answer: This is quite a subjective question. I think for both of us, we have been through learning what you guys are going to learn/have learned, so we know what questions you guys will have, so we know what kind of questions you guys will ask. We also have a program which you can ask us questions once you encounter one, which schools might not be able to offer you until you meet your teacher during the next lesson. We are committed to help you all to learn. We are not out there to earn money, but there to impart our knowledge. But at the same time, we collect fees to not make students take the lessons for granted.

8. What about questions posed by the students in the advanced classes? Who helps you out when you guys have questions?

Answer: We have a pool of native Japanese friends and teachers located in Japan to help us when we need help. Of course, we know where to look for help. No offence but, not all teachers know everything, even a native Japanese might not be able to explain to you the difference between は and が to you in an understandable manner. =)

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