もう10時?「こんにちは」か「おはようございます」か? Are you using Ohayou gozaimasu correctly?



皆さんは知っていると思いますが、「おはようございます」の英訳は “Good morning”です。けど、皆さんは「おはようございます」が朝9時59分まで使えるかご存知ですか。





それでは、よい一週を~!  (^_^)
Good evening everyone,

Today, i would like to talk about “Ohayou gozaimasu”, a greeting that everyone of you use.

As you all know, The English translation of “Ohayou gozaimasu” is good morning. But do you all know that you can only use it up to 9.59am?
If you look at  this link, you would see that this question is often asked.

NHK Broadcast Culture Research Centre did a public poll asking the performers that appeared on TV if they mind what time “Ohayou gozaimasu” is used.
You can see the result from here

Actually, it’s said that from 10am, “Konnichiwa” is said. From the sunrise, just before the sun crosses the meridian, you would say “Ohayou gozaimasu”. After 5pm (1700hrs), you will say “Konbanwa”. “Ohayou gozaimasu” is the polite style of “hayai (fast)”!

The next time, when it’s 10am, don’t use “Ohayou gozaimasu”, use “Konnichiwa”

I am done for now, have a good week ahead! (^_^)