JLPT Afterthoughts (Part 1): N1



It’s been a while since I wrote a post. Today, I would like to share my afterthoughts on JLPT. This time round, I did N1. I personally felt that the difficulty for vocabulary and grammar has dropped compared to previous years. Reading was a bit more difficult. Finished my paper one with 15 minutes left on the clock.

For listening, I felt that section 3 was a bit tricky. For the rest of the sections, there were a lot of testing of N2-N5 grammar.

I would like to take this chance to strongly recommend students taking N2 or N1 to ensure that your foundations are stable before attempting the paper.

I even saw a N4 question being tested in N1. I have amended the question.


  1. とを       2. までが 3. にまで 4. をも

This question is a test of N4 concept: 使役形. If you remember that 喜ぶ is a 自動詞, so the particle in front of 喜ばせる would be a を. So the likely answer would be 4. However, the 「も」here is quite 邪魔 right? You can ignore that first.

Let’s take a look at option 1, 「とを」. 「と」will make it sounds like he’s doing the action with the 有名人, which is what we learnt in N5. With 有名人? and make 有名人? so that’s out.

Now, let’s move on to option 2, 「までが」. 「まで」sounds like “even”. Initially, I thought this was the answer, but when I saw the 「が」, it made me recalled 「は」which is the person doing the action (what we learnt in N5). This option made me exclude the answer.

Now, let’s move on to option 3, 「にまで」. If you recall in N5, you learnt the concept about 「新宿に行きます」or 「新宿までお願いします」, you would remember that it sounds quite funny to have 「にまで」in this case. You might have chose this, but do take note that the hint given at the back is a 使役形, so you must have either a 「も」or 「を」

Meaning of 「にまで」
Express area of unexpectedness. Has some feelings of surprise.

例文: AKBがインドネシアにまで進出したらしい!

As of now, this is my short review of N1.

For us in TLS, we focus a lot of ensuring that your foundations are firm before you move on to the next level. So, if you would like to know more about us, please feel free to drop us a message via Contact Us.


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