JLPT Afterthoughts Dec 2019

Hi all,

How did everybody fare for JLPT this time round?

This Dec, i took N4 with my students. For vocabulary,
we saw a few N3 words and 1 of the uncommon words tested. N5 grammar was also tested. Listening was quite tricky.  名詞修飾形 was also tested, which is very important from N5 onwards.

Some of my other students took N3 and N2. Heard that the listening  was quite tough. Keigo was also tested.

After the exam, most of my students told me that they feel the importance of making sure that foundation for Japanese grammar is very important and am glad that i helped them in making sure that their foundation is firm. In our lessons, as we are able to take the exam with students, we usually tell you all what grammar or vocabulary tends to appear in the exam.

If you feel that your foundation in Japanese is not so good, why not try our lessons to strengthen your foundation or find out more? =)

To support those that wish to sign up for our lessons, we are giving a 30% discount off the 1st term, should you sign up with us by end September. That is on top of 1 free trial lesson. Contact us via here

Look forward to seeing you in our lessons.

Till the next JLPT, have a good rest and great week ahead.


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