JLPT Afterthoughts

Can’t get to sleep, so decided to write my after thoughts about JLPT.

As usual, i was early at the exam venue early in the morning at 8am and managed to secure a good spot to do my last minute revision for my students. I think the last minute revision helped a lot as i was told that a lot of what i spotted and mentioned came out in the exam. やった!

I was unable to be with them the whole duration, but i went back to check on them after my lessons and most of them were able to handle the paper.

For myself, i took N1 and i thought the vocabulary and grammar was easy. Reading was a killer for me, especially with all the passages. Listening this time was quite ok. I hope to get at least a 50/60 for listening.

So what did you guys choose for the last conversation passage? Its always good to write down the options and their characteristics. After that, match it with what they say.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

For those who follow through my tips to do the reading passages, you would have been able to finish the reading on time or left with 1-2 questions unanswered.

Your foundation knowledge is very important and can help you to ace through the star questions. For example, my Intermediate students are able to handle a N2 star question without much effort, given their foundation knowledge of how the sentences link together. I was quite lucky that my foundation knowledge have been tested over and over again when i took N1 this time round.

For vocabulary, i think you really need to hit the books. For myself, i am glad that i usually spend time to look up words that i don’t know while watching dramas, so that kind of helped a lot, as most of my other time are all devoted to my students and improving the teaching materials.

For N1 and N2 listening, it is good to start watching office-related dramas like 「私は定時で帰ります」、「泣かないと決めた日」、「庶務二」, etc. All these dramas would contain a lot of stuff you need for N1/N2 listening.

For reading, i realized that N1/N2 reading are starting to test more on environmental, psychological and sociology passages. This is something that i plan to cover in my upcoming Advanced classes.

If you wish to find out more about how my teaching methods differ, feel free to drop me a message to meet up.



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