JLPT Sharing session with Japanese Meetup members



Today, i had a chance to share about N1 and N2 for 3 hours and the responses were really great! I shared about the new JLPT system, how to score, the order you should be doing your questions and how to overcome your weaknesses in the language.

「今日のイベントは良かった。ありがとう。」 -Adrian Kohさん
「いい勉強になりました!ありがとうございます!」 -Solomon Ng
「ありがとうございます。役に立ちます!^_^」 -Ashlee Goh
「色々習いました!先生のおかげで合格できる自信がアップされました。(笑)」 -Clara

Event is held once a year in June to help those taking JLPT.

Next week, we will have the JLPT N4/N5 one. For further details, pls refer to this link

Another free event that i will be hosting is this . Please feel free to sign up if you are interested.



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