Premium Online Learning Portal Starting Jan 2014

Hi all,

We will be starting a premium online learning portal whereby those who have paid a small premium will have access to free materials/training videos prepared by me.

This is something which you will not be able to find anywhere else and is based solely on our experiences.

Some of the stuff  that will be included includes:How to pass JLPT with ease (good for those taking N1 and N2)
Interviews with past students who have passed N2 and N1: How do they do it?
Understanding Particles
Understanding Japanese Grammar
Importance of Japanese Grammar
Japanese Culture
Creating our own Japan travel itinerary and so on.

Start date: estimated Feb 2014.
Estimated premium: $15 for half a yr/ $20-$25 for a year of access.

We’ll be picking 10 persons (5 from within SG/ 5 from outside SG) to have a month of free access to the premium online learning portal.
To register for this competition, fill in the info below and email to us at

Level of study:
Currently studying in a language school: Yes/No
If the materials are good, would you recommend your friend to sign up: Yes/No

Existing students will also enjoy access to these materials as long as they are current students.


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