Self study Japanese Lesson 7: Verbs

Dear all,

Lesson 7 is about verbs.

There are generally 2 types of verbs, transitive (他動詞/たどうし/ta-dou-shi)  and intransitive verbs (自動詞/じどうし/ji-dou-shi).

As many of you may know, transitive verbs take in a object and intransitive verbs don’t take in an object.

The general structure is like this.

Person wa Object o Verb

HKさん は いちご を たべます。
HK san wa Ichigo o tabemasu
HK is going to eat/will eat strawberry

Samuelさん は みず を のみます
Samuel san wa mizu o nomimasu
Samuel is going to drink/will drink water.
To make the sentence become a question, add a か(ka) after the verb.

Sentence Structure:
Person wa Object o Verb ka

HKさんは いちご を たべますか。
HK san wa Ichigo o tabemasu ka
Is HK going to eat/will eat strawberry?

Samuelさん は みず を のみますか
Samuel san wa mizu o nomimasu ka
Is Samuel going to drink/will drink water?

You can also replace the object with the question word “なに/nani” and then add a か/ka behind to make it a question.


Samuelさん は なに を のみますか。
Samuel san wa nani o nomimasu ka.
What is Samuel going to drink/will drink?

。。。みず を のみます。
…mizu o nomimasu.
He will drink water.
Below are some common verbs that can be used with this above structure.

1. うたいます (utaimasu/sing)
E.g わたしは うた を うたいます (watashi wa uta o utaimasu/I am going to sing/will sing a song)

2. みます (mimasu/watch)
E.g Chloeさんは テレビをみます (Chloe san wa terebi o mimasu/Chole is going to watch/will watch a TV)

3. よみます (yomimasu/read)
E.g Andyさんは ほん を よみます (Andy san wa hon o yomimasu/Andy is going to read/will read a book)

4. かきます (kakimasu/write)
E.g Hao Keetさんは てがみ を かきます (Hao Keet san wa tegami o kakimasu/Hao Keet is going to write/will write a letter) /To who? Maybe to Maeda Atsuko? :p

5. かいます (kaimasu/buy)
E.g Samuelさんは まっく を かいますか (Samuel san wa makku o kaimasu ka/Will Samuel buy Macdonalds)?

6. とります (torimasu/take a picture)
E.g Peterさんは たかみ の しゃしん を とります (Peter san wa Takami no shashin o torimasu/Peter is going to/will take Takami’s picture)

7. はらいます (haraimasu/pay)
E.g Samuelさんは がくひ を はらいます (Samuel san wa gakuhi o haraimasu/Samuel will be paying/will pay school fees)

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