Self study Japanese Lesson 1: Self Introduction (The Humble Way)

Dear all who are reading this blog and have no experience in Japanese, but you are able to read Hiragana characters.
I’ll like to share with you how to self study Japanese.
In lesson 1, i’ll be sharing how can we do a self introduction in a humble manner. (^_^)
This is how it goes

はじめまして (Ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te / How do you do?)
_____(your name) と申します (__________ to mou-shi-masu / I am called __________)
よろしく おねがいいたします。 (Yo-ro-shi-ku o-ne-gai-ita-shi-masu / Please take care of me)


はじめまして (Ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te)
ケン と申します (Ken to mou-shi-masu)
よろしく おねがいいたします。 (Yo-ro-shi-ku o-ne-gai-ita-shi-masu)

I think if you watch youtube videos from Japanesepod101, etc, you would notice that
they will tell you to say わたしは________です (watashi wa _______ desu) in the second line, and どうぞ よろしく (douzo yoroshiku) in the third line.

What i am teaching here is the humble form of the Japanese language and i feel it will impress the person that you are speaking to even more when you use this. Do feel free to send your recording of your voices to me and i’ll be glad to correct you if needed.

Have a good day!

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