English lessons

Hi all,

We will be starting our English private lessons for those who wish to learn more about the common language of the world. To sign up for the lessons, please drop us a message via the contact us form located here. Fees start from $45/hour. As of now, our promotional rate starts from $40/hour.
Hello! My name is Jacky, an English teacher who specializes in both British English and American English.

I have been teaching English to both children and adults since 2014, after graduating with a B.A in English. My spoken English lean towards an American English accent. I am also trained in Received Pronunciation (British English), where I learned how to project my voice and such like.

To achieve a perfect command of English may seem to be difficult. However, I will work together with learners to help them achieve a native-like fluency in English.

I look forward to seeing you in my lessons.

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