Book recommendation: 日本人の心がわかる日本語 (Japanese Words to Understand the Japanese Mind)

皆さん、 こんにちは。 Just back from my awful Japan trip… Typhoons, bad weather etc. Anyway, today i would like to introduce a book which i got hold of when i was in Japan. Title: 日本人の心がわかる日本語 (Japanese Words to Understand the Japanese Mind) ISBN: 978-487-217-7862 Price: 1600 yen This book talks about stuff which Japanese people areContinue reading “Book recommendation: 日本人の心がわかる日本語 (Japanese Words to Understand the Japanese Mind)”

Book recommendation: 初級が終わってから始めよう日本語敬語トレーニング (Keigo book)

皆さん、 こんばんは。。Today was a tired day teaching from 2pm to 7pm, but i enjoy it alot. I get to meet different people and it’s really good for me. Earlier on, i received a request from someone in HWZ asking about a recommendation for a Keigo book. So here it is. Title of book: 初級が終わってから始めよう日本語敬語トレーニング ISBNContinue reading “Book recommendation: 初級が終わってから始めよう日本語敬語トレーニング (Keigo book)”

Good book for recommendation: マンガで学ぶ日本語上級表現使い分け100

Like to recommend this book because i think it’s a very good book. It’s generally meant for those people who are in N1, N2 or N3 level and is interested to find out more about similar grammar. This time round, i’ll like to share about 「つつある」 and 「一方」 . Enjoy. (^_^)

My scary yet precious Japanese library

Below are some pictures from my scary yet precious Japanese library. I strongly believe that for a student to excel in Japanese language studies, the teacher has the responsibility and the part to play to assist the student to get good materials. Of course, having good materials does not mean you will pass JLPT. ItContinue reading “My scary yet precious Japanese library”