成人の日 (Coming of Age Day)


Do you know about this day, called the Coming of Age Day (成人の日)?
It is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday of January and is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached or will reach the age of maturity (20 years old) between April 2 of the previous year and April 1 of the current year.

I came across one of Furuhara-san’s post (here) about 成人式 (Ceremony for Coming of age) and would like to share it to encourage all new adults (Have a student who just reached 21 today).

I have not practised my translation skills for quite some time and I though that this is a good post to translate and share for those who have reached 21 this year.

Edit: Got the help of Teo-sensei to relook at the post again. \(^_^)/

Please enjoy reading his post. I have learned some things about life and some new Japanese words.


Here goes:

Congratulations to all the new adults.
These are 3 advice from me (Furuhara) , who has lived a bit longer than all of you.

🔥1つ目は、君たちは自由を手に入れました。やりたいことを思う存分やってください 夢を叶えてください。なんでもできます。

Firstly, all of you have obtained freedom. Do whatever you want. Make your wishes come true. You can do anything.


Don’t be afraid to fail.
Even if you fail, you just have to restart again.
Even if your dreams are being made fun of, those people are the ones who are involved with you for only a moment in your lives.
You don’t have to force yourself to consider the opinions of who are only involved with you for a short moment.
Rather, remember that regret that came with your failure. It will be the source of your motivation when you look back on it later.


Secondly, you guys have obtained freedom, however, don’t forget that the freedom comes with its own responsibilities.

To be honest, I think you all do not feel it yet. I was like this in the past.
When I became an adult, although it was obvious, but what I could only remember was that “I am no longer a minor”← I remembered that as a minor, there were things that I could not do. As such, I thought I have obtained freedom.
Apart from that, I could only remember the freedom to “drink alcohol”.
But, you will slowly understand that you have been shielded up to this point.
When you join a company, your mum will not apologize for the mistakes that you make.
(Note: It is common for mothers to apologize when their children do wrong things in Japan)


Let’s remember.
People will get mad at you.
People will get mad at you a lot.
Take it as it comes.
If people don’t get mad at you now, it will be worse later.
Don’t pretend that you understood. If you try to paper over the issues now, the same mistakes will happen again in future.




Thirdly, when you don’t understand, ask there and then.
Because, it is a given that you may not understand.
By the way, the person scolding you now was previously scolded by someone else also. Don’t tell others I told you this.
I know that no one wants to be scolded. I really hate to be on the receiving end.
But, I can say on hindsight that me getting scolded at those times was a good thing.
Why? If your mistake is not identified early, and you fail even later, the consequences would be much worse. This I saw when someone older than me was facing the music.
It was pitiful to witness and it must have been so frustrating for that person.

So, while you are young, please do not be afraid to fail.
It’s natural to fail.

And, you can change regret into your motivation in fulfilling your dreams.
You can do anything.

If I were to say it in the context of “Mario Kart”, it would be the star that makes you invincible.


Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t live a life that you will regret later.
As we get older, we will mostly be unable to do whatever we want. I was like this then. I often hear people saying that they would have done things differently.


Maybe losing your whims with age is normal, but don’t become like that prematurely.
Enjoy your life to the fullest.
It’s perfectly alright to be embarrassed of your past actions when you look back later on.
If you have a dream, don’t let go. No excuses. Just do it.


When you have a purpose, people will join you.
If your dreams are being made fun of, succeed and prove yourself.
That’s the best revenge.
After the frustration, move forward, just don’t stay put.


This was a long post with my own experiences.
I have not achieved success.
I have more things that I want to achieve now.
Now, It’s a tough time for everyone, but let’s overcome together.
Congratulations on coming-of age.

Furuhara Yasuhisa
New words:

1) 自由 (じゆう/N4 word/noun): freedom
2) 手に入れる (てにいれる/common word): to obtain/to procure
3) 存分 (ぞんぶん/common word): to one’s heart’s content; as much as one wants
4) 叶える (かなえる/N1 word/verb): to grant (request; wish); to fulfill (conditions)
5) 失敗 (しっぱい/N4 word/noun): failure; mistake; blunder
6) 恐れる (おそれる/N3 word/verb): to fear; to be afraid of
7) 一瞬 (いっしゅん/N3 word/noun): instant; moment; for an instant
8) 関わる (かかわる/N2 word/verb): to be affected; to be influenced, to be concerned with;
9) 悔しさ (くやしさ/N2 word/noun): regret; frustration
10) 責任 (せきにん/N3 word/noun): duty; responsibility
11) 付き纏う (つきまとう/outside JLPT): to follow around; to shadow; to haunt one (e.g feeling, failure); to follow one
12) 実感 (じっかん/N2 word/noun): real feeling; actual feeling
13) 謝る (あやまる/N4 word/verb): to apologise
14) 怒る (おこる/N4 word/verb): to get angry
15) 怒られる (おこられる/N4 word (passive form)/verb): to be angered by; get reprimanded; scolded
16) ふりをする (common phrase): to pretend
17) 内緒 (ないしょ/common word): secret
18) 何故 (なぜ/N5 word/adverb): why?
19) 通り過ぎる (とおりすぎる/N3 word/verb): to go past; to pass; to pass by
20) 可哀想 (かわいそう/N3 word/noun): poor; pitiful; pathetic
21) Dictionary-form + につれて (N3 grammar): as …. ; with
22) 歳を重ねる (としをかさねる)+ につれて: as you age

To be updated