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どんな親になりたいですか (Part 1: 迎合型)




最近、ずっとコースの宣伝について、投稿させていただきました。今日は発達心理学 (Developmental Psychology)について、話したいと思います。

「Tell that teacher don’t mess with me, else I ask my parents find lawyer sue him ah!」



Diana Baumrind (臨床発達心理士 (Clinical/Development Psychology)はこう提唱しました。子育ての方法は3つに分けれて、そのあと、Maccoby and MartinはBaumrindの3つのタイプに、4つ目のタイプである放任型を加えた。

今日は 迎合型 (Indulgent)について、お話したいと思います。

迎合型 (Indulgent)
親の特徴 (Characteristics of parent)

  • ルール・行動基準が少ない (Have few rules or standards of behavior)
  • ルールがあっても、矛盾する (When there are rules, they are often very inconsistent)
  • よく子供の世話をしている/子供を愛している (Are usually very nurturing and loving towards their kids)
  • 親より、友達として見られている (Often seem more like a friend, rather than a parent)
  • 子供の行儀をよくさせるため、おもちゃ、ギフト、食べ物を使うかもしれない (May use bribery such as toys, gifts, and food as a means to get a child to behave)
  • 子供の責任感より、子供の自由を優先する (Emphasize their children’s freedom rather than responsibility)
  • 大きい決定をするとき、子供の意見をきく (Ask their children’s opinions on major decisions)

子供はどうなるか (予想) (What will happen to the child?/prediction)

  • 沢山の地域にある達成度は低い (Display low achievement in many areas) Because their parents have little to no expectations of them, these kids have nothing to strive toward. Studies have linked permissive parenting to lower academic achievement.
  • 決意はよくない (Make poor decisions) Since their parents to not set or enforce any type of rules or guidelines, these kids struggle to learn good problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • 攻撃性は高い/感情を理解しにくい (Display more aggression and less emotional understanding) Because they do not learn to deal with their emotions effectively, particularly in situations where they do not get what they want, children with permissive parents may struggle when faced with stressful or emotionally difficult situations.
  • 犯罪をしてしまいやすい/薬物を使ってしまやすい (May be more prone to delinquency and substance use)
    Studies suggest that children raised by permissive parents are more likely to engage in misconduct and alcohol or substance use.
  • 時間を使いこなせられない (Unable to manage their time or habits)
    Because of the lack of structure and rules in the home, these kids never learn limits. This might lead to watching too much television, playing too many computer games, and eating too much. These children never learn to limit their screen time or eating habits, which can lead to unhealthy habits and obesity.あなたか周りの友達は迎合型の親でしょうか?

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