Our Partners

Ootoya is a famous Japanese restaurant chain from Japan that has been serving traditional Japanese home-cooked food for 60 years. Using only the freshest ingredients, Ootoya whips up delicious yet healthy Japanese food, replicating an authentic experience of Japanese home-cooked meals!

Tsubasa Language Services has been a regular patron of the Ootoya brand, integrating meals at the restaurant as part of our Japanese curriculum to allow students to experience authentic Japanese meals in Singapore. Accordingly, Ootoya has been the #1 choice due to the remarkably close resemblance of the food in Japan!

Visit their website: https://www.ootoya.com.sg

We work with Matsudo International School, located in Japan, where we provide advice to each other’s teaching methods and exchange teaching ideas. The school is located in Chiba Prefecture and has came a long way. If you are interested to study in Japan, please give them a try.

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