Giving and Receiving with あげます/もらいます/くれます (N5)

みなさん、 こんばんは。 Today i would like to explain about あげます/もらいます/くれます。 「あげます/give」 わたしは ともだちに 花(はな)を あげました。 I gave my friend flowers. Structure: Giver は Receiver of Action に Object を あげます。 In this case, 「わたし」 is the giver, 「ともだち」is the receiver, 「はな」being the object given. __________________________________________________ 「もらいます/receive」 わたしは ともだちに 花(はな)を もらいました。 I received flowers from my friend . Structure: Receiver of Action は…

New N5 Prep Class

Hi all, I would be opening a new N5 Prep class to prepare for July`s paper. Dates: 24th Jun morning, 25th, 27th, 28th Jun night Time: 10-1pm (24th Jun), 7-930pm (25th, 27th, 28th Jun) Fees: $250 Slots: 6   Guaranteed pass. For details, please drop me a message.

New Beginner Japanese Lessons

Hi all, The next upcoming class info is up. Starting Date: May 2018 (once we have 6 students) Day/Time : Wed 7-9pm Slots: 6 Fees: $280 for 10 lessons/term Textbook: $65 for 5 terms If you are interested, please contact me via the Contact Me Form Can

Drama Project Submission (by my new Beginner class)

みなさん、 こんばんは。 My students had the chance to do the drama project. Feel free to browse through them. DramaProject 1 Drama Project 2 Drama Project 3 Drama Project 4 More projects by other students to come. Cheers, Can

Beginner Japanese Course: 4 seats left

Hi all, We have only 4 seats left for our Thurs Beginner Japanese course. This might be the last Beginner course offered for the year. To sign up, please drop us a message via the Contact Us form. Trial lessons are also available. Starting Date: 29th March 2018 (Thurs) Time: 7-930pm Slots: 6 Fees: $315/term…

Updated class for Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies

Hi all, I have changed the class (originally held on a Wed) to a Thurs. Starting Date: 29th March 2018 (Thurs) Time: 7-930pm Slots: 6 Fees: $315/term (10 lessons) inclusive of textbook for 3 terms. The whole beginner course is 4 terms to complete. Session is now longer, but we will finish the syllabus faster….

New Beginner Class

Dear all, I will be starting a new foundation studies class. Please see below for details Starting Date: 21st March 18 (Wed) Time: 7-830pm Slots: 6 Fees: $240 for 10 sessions (Total of 50 sessions to complete the whole Beginner course) Textbook: $15 For more information on the course content, kindly refer to If…

JLPT N5 Prep Class

Hi all, I would be organizing a JLPT N5 Prep Class for those taking exam in Dec. Please see the details below Dates: 20/22/24/27/30 Nov Time: 7-10pm Fees: $150 for 5 sessions Slots left: 3 If you would like to find out more, please drop me an email via the Contact Us page. Cheers, Can  

Identifying Verb Group

Hi all, One of the things about learning 国語 (Kokugo, the Japanese language which is learned by native Japanese) is that they have different ways of identifying their group 1, 2 and 3 verbs. If you are unsure if a verb is group 1 or 2, remove the る、ない、た、etc from the verb and add a…

New Foundation Studies Class (starting 16th Sept)

Dear all, Am starting a new foundation studies class due to overwhelming demand. Start Date: 16th September 2017 (Sat) Time: 3pm-4.30pm Slots: 6 Fees: $200 for 1 term (subsequently: $230 per term) or $400 for 2 terms Textbook (for 1st term): $15 If interested, kindly drop me an email or call me at 8288-5682 to arrange…