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School holiday beginner classes for students & parents

Dear all,

There will be a school holiday beginner class for students/youngsters starting 28th Jun 2012 (Monday)

Time: 12pm-2.30pm (Monday to Friday)
Fees: $300
Total of 20 lessons
Max class size: 6

Trial lesson is available. (^_^)

For the parent/guardian that studies along with the student: he/she will get 30% discount
Bring along a friend and your friend will get 25% discount.

After the completion of this course, you can either continue on a different time slot or be referred to an existing school to continue studying.

For more information about this course, do feel free to email me for more details. For the full 40-44 lessons course structure, kindly refer to here.

Free Beginner classes

Dear all,

In an attempt to promote my beginner classes, i am now offering 2 free beginner classes to those who wishes to try out my teaching.

Lessons will start on sometime end of Jun/start Aug, it will be on a Wednesday.

Contact Number:
Email address:
Why do you wish to study Japanese:

Deadline: 31st May, 12pm

I will give you a call/email you to understand more.
If you are selected, i will email you to inform you.

New Beginner Class starting.

Starting June 27th, 7.30pm-9.30pm
Contact me for more information
Early bird discount for those who register early.

-Key point:Able to converse using simple sentences with Japanese (i.e if i throw you to Japan for 1 week-1 month, you are able to find your way and ask for directions around)
-Master the Hiragana writing system and at least 150-200 Kanji
-Learn some basic Business Japanese and basic ethics in working in a Japanese company.
-Understand more about the Japanese way of living through real life experiences of my 14 times of Japan travel, understand why sometimes Japanese people do things in 1 way but not the other.
-Introduce you to some Japanese friends who are staying in Japan/living in Singapore.
-Cultural sharing of Japanese culture.
-Appreciate and understand how to translate Japanese songs and drama
-Learn advanced useful sentence structures (if class is able to absorb)

At the end of the course, there will be a short oral assessment done by a native Japanese to ascertain your level to converse in Japanese

Textbook used: I like to reference from different sources. There are currently about 100 books in my Japanese library which i use to help students learn more.

How to self study Japanese

HWZ Forumer: “Can, how do i self study Japanese? Is it possible?”
Can: “Yes, it’s possible. I have seen people who have done it”
HWZ Forumer: “So how do i start?”

1. Start remembering how to write and read the Hiragana Chart.
The Youtube videos provided by Japanese101 is very useful.

2. Start learning grammar.
Tae Kim’s website offers a good grammar guide.
Good books like Genki/Japanese for Busy People are good for self-learners as well. (^_^)

3. Start learning vocabulary.
MLC Japanese page has a comprehensive JLPT guide to help you to learn vocabulary. Start from N5, then slowly proceed to N1.

4. Have a good dictionary.
Tagaini Jisho is a good dictionary to help you with words that you don’t know.

5. Listen to Japanese songs/drama/anime and try to mimic the tones/what they say.
Majo no Jyoken is a good drama to start.

Feel free to ask me any questions if you encounter any problems. =)