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Introduction to Keigo Part 7: 上下関係

更新: 2021年1月25日


Today, i will talk a bit about 上下関係(じょうげかんけい).

What is 上下関係?

It is the relationship between a person of a higher status and a person with a lower status in terms of position, social status, age, etc.)

日本語: 地位・身分・年齢などの、上位の者と下位の者との関係

If you recall the past few articles, i mentioned about the various levels. It is my way of expressing 上下関係.

One of the reddit users asked me, “When should i know what level to use when the 社長、課長、someone between the speaker and 課長 are around?” This is the rationale behind this article.

Knowing who is at which level is important, so that you know what level of 尊敬語(そんけいご) and 謙譲語(けんじょうご)to use.

In my class, i use pens to differentiate the 上下関係 when i teach Keigo.

An example is the below (to be inserted later)

There are also some Japanese companies that value 上下関係 a lot.

This article might be interesting for those who wish to learn more.

The Keigo section on FAQ article will be completed this weekend.
Next week, we will be looking Passive/Causative forms.


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スタート:8月16日 (火)
時間: 7時-8時
受講料: 240ドル/8回
制限: N1-N3級資格をもっていらっしゃる方

日本人の生活 (生まれから社会人まで)



Business Japanese

New Business Japanese class starting in Oct 2014



Hope you guys have read this post regarding the importance of Business Japanese.

I will be starting a new class for Business Japanese

1) How to write your Japanese resume
2) Interview skills
3) Japanese Business manners
4) Email writing skills
5) Call-handling
6) 5 different types of 敬語
and more.

Course: About 1 year
Fees: $350 for 10 sessions
Day: Wed
Time: 7.30-10pm
Requirement: Minimum must pass N4
Slots: 6

Early bird discount of $50 for those who register before Aug 2014. What are you waiting for?


Business Japanese

Business Japanese I Class (starting 13th Jan 2013) & JLPT 1 Prep Class



Business Japanese Manners/Etiquette
Understanding Japanese people
Tele-conversational skills in Business Japanese
Writing Business emails
Meeting Japanese people等

All students need to at least pass N2 and will need to go thru a interview.



Business Japanese, N3

中上級クラス:会話中心が開きます! (Pre-Advanced Japanese Class (Conversation Track) starting 14th Oct)



-JLPT N3文法

学費: 200ドル/10回 (1年間ぐらい)


What we will study in this conversation track
-Accents & Intonations of words
-Revision of beginner and intermediate grammar and using it to form sentences
-Pre-advanced Business Japanese
-Business manners
-JLPT N3 grammar

Fees: $200 for 10 sessions (About 1 year to complete)
Textbook: $10

Note that this is purely a conversation class, which you will learn JLPT N3 grammar. If you wish to take the JLPT N3 after the completion of this course (you will need to do an extra 8 week bridging course)

For all interested parties, please drop us an email.

Read about what one student said after she joined one of my trial lessons.
Just attended a trial N2 lesson with Dimitri_can today and I hope to share my experience on this forum.

N2 is not for the faint-hearted and there was alot of grammar material to cover. Considering the fact that I haven’t been studying Japanese since my N3 exam in July, I was very rusty but Dimitri was patient. Having self-studied my way till N3 I did not have any pronunciation practice but he corrected my pronunciation on a number of occasions and let me repeat that sentence to make sure I understood. Must thank the class for bearing with me too!

Another thing I liked about Dimitri’s lessons was that he gives us plenty of tips on how to tackle the JLPT such as the grammar forms that are likely to appear. For some new grammar forms, he would also show us how it might be tested in the exam.

He also gave us tips on how to get reading material and pronunciation/reading practice which was useful. We did comprehension exercises and he went through the passages with the class. Dimitri will also answer students’ questions to ensure that everyone can understand what he is teaching.

In conclusion I intend to take lessons under Dimitri to further my Japanese learning.

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Business Japanese class starting 20th/21st August

Dear all,

Business Japanese class will be starting 20th August/21st August .

Lesson will either be on a Monday or Tuesday   7.00-9.30pm.

Maximum number of students in the class: 4
Minimum pre-requisite: Students must have passed N4/JLPT 3 (old exam). Preferably have at least N3.

All students need to undergo a short tele-interview for me to find out your current standard.

Early bird discount & trial lesson available. Early payment will be charged at $25 per lesson.

The 1st 10 lessons of the course will focus on

-Business Japanese Manners/Etiquette
-Tele-conversational skills in Business Japanese

Lesson will be conducted together with a native Japanese using good Business Japanese materials.
Contact me using the following template if you are interested.

Contact number:
Current level:
Language schools attended:
Preferred time for contact purposes: