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Book recommendation: 初級が終わってから始めよう日本語敬語トレーニング (Keigo book)


こんばんは。。Today was a tired day teaching from 2pm to 7pm, but i enjoy it alot. I get to meet different people and it’s really good for me. Earlier on, i received a request from someone in HWZ asking about a recommendation for a Keigo book. So here it is.

Title of book: 初級が終わってから始めよう日本語敬語トレーニング
ISBN number:978-4-87-217-612-4

This book teaches you Keigo based on topics like visiting, inviting people, apologizing, tele-conversational skills, etc etc.

Some images from the book.

My scary yet precious Japanese library

Below are some pictures from my scary yet precious Japanese library. I strongly believe that for a student to excel in Japanese language studies, the teacher has the responsibility and the part to play to assist the student to get good materials. Of course, having good materials does not mean you will pass JLPT. It all boils down to yourself. If you work hard, you will see the fruits of the labour. For all readers info, for each book, i spent about 3-4 hours reading through the book and ensuring that the books are good enough to be used by any individual. =)

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6