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「Ultimately, the author make an update for your blog. I’m waiting anxiously for your next update. Lets hope you’ll think about updating a lot of usually thus your readers might follow along. I shouldn’t have abundant joy in life right now but your blog is one. I acknowledge life is busy however lets hope you may build the hassle to stay us updated on any progress.」


最近、大学のプロジェットがあったり、日本語のクラスがあったり、仕事もあったり、自分の時間があまりないです。もう1人の私がほしいです。みなさんは時間がないとき、どうしますか。 夜余裕の時間があれば、もうちょっとかきます。


注意: 21歳以上向き (なんで最近こんなドラマが出ましたか? -__-” )




おはようございます。注意深い決定を出さなければならない時、どうしますか。よく考えますか。この三日、The Hippocratic Crushというホンコンのドラマを見ました。医竜のようなドラマですね。見ているうちに、涙が出てきました。時々、医者でも、私達でも、決定を出さなければなりません。




将来は果てない空です。 一緒にがんばろう!

Good morning everyone,

When you have to make a careful decision, what will you do? Will you think carefully? During these 3 days, i watched this Hong Kong drama called The Hippocratic Crush . It’s a drama like Iryuu. While i was watching, tears flowed out. Sometimes, even for doctors, even for us, we have to make decisions.

When i made the decision to leave my previous job, i was really troubled. To make this decision, i went to Japan for 3 days to think about it. What will happen to my life from now on. Can i survive just from teaching Japanese?

Now, what’s important is my students.

Everyone, even if you cannot speak, even if you cannot write, even if you cannot express your ideas, it’s ok. If you work hard, i am sure one day you can.

The future is a endless sky. Let’s work hard together. (^_^)