8月にN2準備クラスを開きます (N2 prep class starting in Aug)


8月中旬N2の準備クラスを開きます。学校の先生が教えないポイントや80-90%出る文法など、たくさん習えます。 もちろん、トライアルレッスンもありますので、是非お試しください。

毎週金曜日(午後7時半ー10時半) か 毎週日曜日(午後4時ー7時)

授業料: $270 (10回) + $189 (次の7回) + 3回模擬テスト



N3に合格しましたか? はい/いいえ
話せる時間帯: 平日/週末 ___時




家(いえ) と 家(うち) の違い: The difference between いえ and うち




家(いえ)を使う場合 (When いえ is used)

家(うち)を使う場合 (When うち is used)

Morning everyone.

Today, i would like to tell you all bout the difference between 家(いえ) and 家(うち).

家 (いえ) is referring to your house. It is used a lot to describe a building.

家(うち) is referring to your home and family. It is used a lot to describe your family and your household.

A lot of Japanese learners have problems using these 2 words.


Free course: Introduction to 国語



I will be offering a free course for Introduction to 国語. If you want to find out more about 国語, this is the chance to.

国語 will help you in your comprehension, conversation skills. On top of that, when you discuss Japanese stuff with Japanese, they will be able to understand what you are talking about. (^_^)

Date: 25th June 2012 (Mon)
Time: 7.30-9.30
Number of seats available: 6
Pre-requisite: Minimum must have pass N4

Please email me if you are interested in this course using the template below

Subject: Registration for Introduction to 国語

Contact number:
How long have you been studying Japanese:
Which level of JLPT have you attained:


Progression Path added



I have added the progression path for my courses and have revamp some courses based on the feedback i receive from my current students.

There are 3 courses added in, Foundation Studies, Pre-Advanced Japanese: Culture & Travel track and Conversation track added.
The Culture and Travel track will be done in conjunction with native Japanese.

More details will be up soon, so stay tuned. (^_^)






よい一週を~ (^_^)
Dear all,

Due to my exams, i would not be blogging from today till next Thursday.
I will update it from next Thursday onwards.

Have a good week ahead! (^_^)




いいニュースです。生徒達の依頼に応えて、来年N1の準備クラスを開きます。 (^_^)

このクラスのサイズは8名です。 申し込みはお早めに~ ! (^_^)


2012年 9月-12月: 自習フェーズ
2013年 1月-11月: レッスンを受けるフェーズと復習フェーズ


New testimonial from student

I have always had an interest in Japanese language since young. However lessons from popular language schools can be very expensive. Hence, I tried learning the language on my own by buying some textbooks and reading them on my own.  This task, however, proved difficult. Firstly, it is difficult to apply what you have learnt without another person to speak to, making it hard to remember what you have just read on the book. Secondly, there is no one to point out that you have made a mistake.

Finding my Japanese learning very hard to kickstart, I tried looking for affordable and effective teachers. I chanced upon Can in a HardwareZone forum thread on learning Japanese, and have been taking lessons from him since.

Can’s lessons starts with conversing in Japanese, which ensures that you have applied what you have learned and that any mistakes will be corrected. Besides correcting your grammar and particle usage, pronunciation and intonation is also corrected, allowing you to speak like native Japanese, which can definitely impress both Japanese language learners and native Japanese themselves.

Can’s lessons are well paced and very easy to understand. Each grammar points are explained in detail. He actively engages with every student in the class to ensure that every one of us understands what is taught. This is something almost impossible to be achieved by the language schools, which usually accommodate larger class sizes.

Besides learning from the textbook, Can also makes his lessons interesting by engaging us in song translation and Japanese drama watching activities, enriching our vocabulary and understanding of Japanese culture.

Having gone through his N5 class and currently in his N4 class, I personally feel that Can places great emphasis on building a good foundation in the language, making further learning less taxing. He has also gone the extra mile to keep his students motivated and interested not just in the language, but also the Japanese culture.

By: Cheng Ri Sheng
Student in Intermediate class


Song Translation Class

Have you ever though of how good it would be to really understand Japanese songs in their real meaning, rather than translated meanings from subs?

Due to popular demand, the class will be starting Aug 6th 2012 (Mon)

Fees: $300 for 10 lessons.
Class size: 4 students
Pre-requisite: No knowledge of Japanese required. Need a laptop/netbook that can last at least 1 hour
Free Trial lesson & early bird discount available.

For more details on the course, please click here