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Cool Japan


「Cool Japan」は日本のクールなことに関する番組です。いい番組ですから、ご覧ください。
Everybody, what do you guys know about Japanese?
Cool Japan is a program regarding Japan’s cool stuff.
It’s a good program, do watch it.
The topic this time is Japanese language. (^_^)



皆さんは悲しい時、この歌を聞いてください。 気持ちはよくなると思います
Hello everyone, what will you do when you are sad,
Yesterday night, there were some things that happened, i was a bit sad.
I recalled about Shimokawa Mikuni’s Kanashimi ni Makenai De (Don’t lose to Sadness) and listened to it.
After that, i became better.

When you are sad, listen to this song, you will feel better.

集結の園へ By: 林原めぐみ



Everyone, do you know this singer by the name of Hayashibara Megumi?
She often sing theme songs for anime.
This time, please listen to the theme song for Neon Genesis EVANGELION, Shuuketsu no sono e

New Conversation Class starting 17th March

Conversation Class will start as usual, even though i only have 1 student.

Starting Date: March 17th Sat 9-11am
Cost: $30 (1 student), $25 (2 students), $20 (4 students)
Max class size: 4
Location: town area
Pre-requisite: At least 1 year of Japanese studies (can be self study)
Free Trial lesson is available. Contact me for details.

What will we be doing
-Intonation & Accent
-Self Introduction
-Describing days/time/etc
-Types of speaking styles
-Forming simple sentences
-Forming complex sentences
-Watch drama to learn how the people speak



Welcome to my site. In this site, i hope to be able to share more about myself and my journey towards Japanese proficiency.

Last time, because of money issues, i didn’t have the chance to study Japanese. When i was learning my Japanese, i thought, it may be good to teach poor people. Then i started looking for these people. I think that be able to learn Japanese is a very good thing. A JLPT 1 holder can command up to extra 1.5k in his/her salary. In this world, there are people who want to learn, because of money problems, they don’t even have the chance to learn. Thus, everyone who are studying Japanese now, please work hard in your Japanese.