What’s your motivation to learn Japanese?

“What is your motivation in learning Japanese?” This is the question that Can-sensei asks whether I got stuck in my Japanese studies. I’m sure you will hear this too when you meet him for the first time. When I agreed to become his student, I know I have walked the road less travelled. After manyContinue reading “What’s your motivation to learn Japanese?”

New Pre-Advanced Japanese class (Tues) -conducted online

Hi all, Our new pre-advanced Japanese class leading up to N2 will start in December. Starting date: 14th December 2021 (Tues)Time: 7:30-9:45pmSlots: 6 (3 left)Fees: $350 for 10 lessonsTextbook: $55Teacher: Can-sensei This course is conducted online. You may opt to attend the class in the home classroom, if you wish to. Contact us if youContinue reading “New Pre-Advanced Japanese class (Tues) -conducted online”

Beginner class (last 2 slots left)

Hi all, Our new Beginner Japanese class has only last 4 slots left. Starting date: 3rd Oct 2021 (Sun)Time: 12:15pm-2:15pmSlots: 8 (2 slots left)Fees: $220/1st 10 lessons, subsequent lessons: $330/10 lessons Textbook: $70 (from 11th lesson onwards)Teacher: Can-sensei To register or for more information, please drop us a message via the Contact Us form located here.Continue reading “Beginner class (last 2 slots left)”