Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies)

Hi all, We are waiting for more students to join us for our Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies) course. It’s a very good introduction to help you to understand the basics of Japanese language and we pride ourselves for this course, as no other Japanese schools are offering this course. Following are the course details. StartingContinue reading “Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies)”

New testimonial from student

Hi all, Received a new testimonial from my student. /Can—————-Hi everyone, my name is Yuan Bin and I have been under Can-sensei for a year. I have been learning Japanese since June 2018. I have studied at both Ikoma and Bunka language school previously, before chancing upon Can-sensei’s lessons through Facebook and word of mouthContinue reading “New testimonial from student”

Beginner Japanese class (Friday night and Sunday night)

Hi all, Our new Friday Beginner Japanese class has only last 4 slots left. Starting date: 7th Jan 2021 (Fri)Time: 7:30pm-9:30pmSlots: 6 (4 slots left)Fees: $200/1st 8 lessons, subsequent lessons: $330/10 lessons Textbook: $70 (from 11th lesson onwards)Teacher: Teo-sensei Also, we have another Sunday class that will run on the same week. Starting date: 9thContinue reading “Beginner Japanese class (Friday night and Sunday night)”

What’s your motivation to learn Japanese?

“What is your motivation in learning Japanese?” This is the question that Can-sensei asks whether I got stuck in my Japanese studies. I’m sure you will hear this too when you meet him for the first time. When I agreed to become his student, I know I have walked the road less travelled. After manyContinue reading “What’s your motivation to learn Japanese?”