Latecoming→Regrets→Happiness (遅刻→後悔→幸せ)

1 year ago, i remember i scolded one of my N1 students very badly in front of my other students. I always have the mindset of a discipline master, as i believe that Japanese people are not late for work/school/etc or will inform if they are coming late. He had this bad habit of coming late for classes. Sometimes 15 mins, sometimes 30 mins without informing me in advance. It was about 2 months close to exam. I told him to write me a 反省文 (self-reflection letter). He replied me in that 反省文 that he wanted to stop my classes. I remember i was reading that 反省文 when i was in Pulau Ubin, as sad as i was, i accepted his reasons for wanting to stop. He passed his N1 in the end.

6 months passed, he met his classmate in a Japanese-related event, hinting him that i drove him out of the class. Rather than feeling angry, i felt sad. I told my student (the classmate), this student of mine felt like a 未完成品 (a uncompleted product). Although he could speak well, his pronunciation sounded funny.

1 year later, as i see his Facebook page, he won scholarships to go to Japan, etc. Although i still regretted that moment that i scolded him very badly, i feel happy that he is now able to grow better as a person. No doubt there may be some grudges or bad feelings towards me, i felt that i have done my part as an educator.

To that student of mine, if you are reading this, i hope you are not longer late for your appointments and respecting the importance of other people’s time through your various adventures in Japan.

Signed off,
Your sensei that deliberately scolded
you in front of others, so that you could grow.

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