Introduction to Keigo Part 7: 上下関係

更新: 2021年1月25日


Today, i will talk a bit about 上下関係(じょうげかんけい).

What is 上下関係?

It is the relationship between a person of a higher status and a person with a lower status in terms of position, social status, age, etc.)

日本語: 地位・身分・年齢などの、上位の者と下位の者との関係

If you recall the past few articles, i mentioned about the various levels. It is my way of expressing 上下関係.

One of the reddit users asked me, “When should i know what level to use when the 社長、課長、someone between the speaker and 課長 are around?” This is the rationale behind this article.

Knowing who is at which level is important, so that you know what level of 尊敬語(そんけいご) and 謙譲語(けんじょうご)to use.

In my class, i use pens to differentiate the 上下関係 when i teach Keigo.

An example is the below (to be inserted later)

There are also some Japanese companies that value 上下関係 a lot.

This article might be interesting for those who wish to learn more.

The Keigo section on FAQ article will be completed this weekend.
Next week, we will be looking Passive/Causative forms.


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