Introduction to Keigo Part 6: 美化語



We have come to the last part of the Keigo family member, 美化語 (びかご).

By beautifying nouns, it expresses politeness towards the other party. It is used in a lot of situations, regardless of the other party’s status.


By attaching 「お」 or 「ご」to the word, it becomes a 美化語。Take note that not all words can become a 美化語。

お+和語(わご) :native Japanese words

ご+漢語(かんご): Japanese words of Chinese origin


さけ → おさけ






I have a good bible to help me some words to 美化語。

Please don’t go yet! We still have 2 sections on this, 上下関係(じょうげかんけい) and the FAQs.


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