New Course: Learning Japanese 通 Games

Hi all,

We will be having a new course soon: Learning Japanese 通(Tsuu) Games.

This is a fairly new course and is open to all who are new to Japanese.

1. Hiragana/Katakana
2. Verb Conjugation & Sentence Structures
3. Adjectives
3. Introduction to Japanese Games
4.  Understanding Japanese culture through game-playing and more…

The whole course will take 50 sessions to complete, as we will be playing one of the RPGs.

Course fee: $250 for 10 sessions.
Textbook: $15
Slots: 6
Tentative start date: 11th June (Sun) 330-530pm
(1/2 hour of game playing+1.5 hour of lesson)

Items required: Tablet & Powerbank

For those who are poor and paying fees via their own pocket money, up to 100% fee subsidy would be given. (terms and conditions apply)

Wanna find out more? Drop me an message via the Contact Us link.





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