Do not skip your N4 and N5

更新: 2021年4月16日


Today`s post is on not skipping your N4 and N5.

I saw this post by a guy on the forum:

I went for XXX’s prep course for both N2 and N1. For the other grades, I think it’s possible to self study them, but I never took those exams because I felt it was a waste of money.

Please allow me to add something that a number of Japanese learners may know, not even the teachers in the schools. I got to know this as I have been doing research on JLPT since 2010, taking exams with my students and have been attending teacher conferences with teachers from other countries.

Every level of JLPT will test you on different areas of the language.

N5: Ability to use correct particles in sentences, basic vocabulary, basic usage of forms, usage of time, date, usage of adverbs, Japanese greetings

N4: Ability to identify usage of transitive/intransitive verbs, potential/passive/volitional forms sentence structures, usage of similar vocabulary (e.g ごはんをたべる vs 食事), basic usage of Keigo (not in recent years), usage of time, date, usage of adverbs

N3: Intermediate level vocabulary, Ability to read composition on people, simple official notices, Keigo, causative passive form, ~そうです, conversational sentences

N2: Understanding of N3, N4 and N5 grammar, Ability to read newspaper articles, official notices, understand simple business conversations, usage of Keigo, causative passive form
usage of particles in sentences.

N1: Understanding of N1-N5 grammar. Ability to read abstract articles, newspaper articles, understand complex business conversations, advanced Keigo, usage of particles in difficult sentences. Depending which year you took JLPT, you might have missed out the important stuff that you need to know.

We also saw a trend that N1 vocabulary is tested in N3 (Dec 2016), N4, N5 grammar and vocabulary tested in N1 (Dec 2016)

For students who are taking N1 or N2, I strongly advise you to revise your foundation grammar before attempting the exam. Good luck!


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