N5 Grammar: Park or Stop Your Car! Difference between 「あそこに車を止めてください」 vs 「あそこで車を止めてください」



It`s been a while since i wrote a grammar article.

Today, i would like to share the difference between
「あそこに車を止めてください」 vs 「あそこで車を止めてください」

To help aid the understanding, let`s do a bit of revision on the particle 「で」 and 「に」

Eat lunch at the dining hall.

The 「」 here refers to the place where the action of eating lunch is done.

Over there, lies a car.

The 「」here refers to the location of where the car exists.

Going back to the sentence 「あそこ車を止めてください」,
it means “please stop the car over there“ (focus is more on location).

「あそこ車を止めてください」means “please stop the car over there“
(focus is more on doing the action of stopping over there)

For example, a car park owner might say something like this to a person who is trying to park a car…

“Parking is prohibited here. Please stop/park the car over there (focus on location)

In Lesson 14 of Minna no Nihongo, Karina-san said to the taxi driver,

Please stop in front of the flower shop (focus on place where action is done: Flower shop)

Please let me know if you still have difficulties understanding this.

Have a good day ahead.




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