「もう紙がないのですか」/You have no more paper?









It was 1998. At that time, i was 15 yrs old.

After lessons, i have an appointment with my design and technology teacher to have a test.

I was rushing for time and didn’t have enough foolscap paper with me. I also didn’t have money to buy. I was shouting in my heart, “What should i do ?” and eventually went to the teacher’s office. When i was about to finish the test, i realize that i have no more space and decided to write smaller. The test ended.

The test was marked by the teacher and when i received the script, there was a comment: “You have no more paper?”

Although i was very angry at that moment, but being an obedient boy at that time, i didn’t made any complaint.

Because of that, after i became a teacher, i made sure that i gave paper to my students or ask them to share the paper among themselves.

I am not sure what kind of feelings i have now for that teacher of mine.

Maybe, i would not forget the comment, 「You have no more paper?」my whole life.

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