4月10日から臨時N1準備クラス (文法・語彙) が行います。
時間: 730-930pm
学費: 165ドル/5回

興味がある方はContact Usフォームでご連絡ください。


I have been studying Japanese for 5 years and underwent Can’s tutelage for the 2nd half of 2011 for JLPT N1. Can was able to find out my weak areas quickly through an interview and helped to arrest the issue. Using a variety of materials imported from Japan, he went through the grammar points slowly with me and made sure that I understood clearly the subtle meanings and usage of the N1 grammar. With his help, I was able to pull my grammar score from 25 to 39 and scored an A for grammar within half a year.

Can exhibits great passion for teaching Japanese and he sometimes uses innovative methods to help his students learn, such as improving listening via dramas and songs, which makes his lessons very interesting.

I would definitely recommend Can as a Japanese teacher for serious learners of the language.

By: Ken Chen
Private student, Passed JLPT N1 (Jul 2012)
Studied for 8 months under Can


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