3年後引退します (Retiring in 3 years)





皆さん、今までの応援、ありがとうございます。この3年宜しくお願い致します。 m(_ _)m

Dear supporters who read my blog,

it’s a bit disappointing to say, but i’ll be retiring in 3 years time.

Being a passionate teacher like me, teaching Japanese is physically and mentally draining. It was hard to come out with this decision.

Now, i am searching for a successor who will take over my passionate duty. I will be working on the online portal and will be training my successor to be a passionate and fantastic teacher like me.

Thank you all for your support. Please continue to support me, my works and my sucessor during these 3 years.


1 thought on “3年後引退します (Retiring in 3 years)”

  1. Really sad to hear this. But you are really a very passionate teacher to me. Though sad to hear that you are going to retire teaching Japanese, you really deserve a good rest. You have my support and blessing, pal!

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