The Importance of 敬語 and New Business Japanese class coming up in December



Today, one of my N1 students who was from NTU said that she visited the ASEAN Japan Career Fair ( .

A lot of interviewers know that she can speak Japanese and started to speak to her in Keigo. Unfortunately, she said except for はじめまして。私は~です,she cannot say any 敬語。Another foreigner who was beside her and  was able to speak 敬語、got an offer straight away.  She then felt that how “small” she was and people from the neighboring countries were able to speak in 敬語 very well.

Having said that, she told me she wanted to join my 敬語 class for my Intermediate class next week where i will talk about 上下関係, 敬語, etc.

Don’t think that 敬語 is not important. If you want to work in a Japanese company, it’s very important that you know 敬語。

So, how should you introduce yourself in 敬語 when you go for an interview? Here’s how

初めておめにかかります。  (はじめまして)

If you are interested to join my free 敬語クラス next week, feel free to email me via the Contact Us form.



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