Tackling N1-N3 Comprehension questions Part 5: 速読 (Speed reading)


こんにちは。 Here’s Part 5, 速読。
On my previous trip to Japan, i chanced upon a good book on 速読 (speed reading) . Speed reading is good, especially when you don’t have time to read the passages.

The author, 椋木修三先生、introduces a few good techniques which i personally feel is good.

1) Reading the passage in blocks of 7 words (7文字)
Rather than reading the passage word by word, read it in block of 7 words. In this way, you can read about 2100 words in 1 min (assuming you read 7 words in 0.2 secs)

2) Don’t use a pencil to bring you through the passage
Your reading area will be restricted.

3) Reading in a N style

For those who wish to get a copy of this book, here are the book details.

Title: 「超」速読勉強法
ISBN: 978-4-415-40152-2
Price: 524円

For those who wish to get more information face to face, feel free to contact me for a free consultation on this.


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