日本語能力試験の結果発表 (Release of JLPT results)




N1の生徒: 全員合格(1人)

N2の生徒: 全員合格 (2人)

N3の生徒: 全員合格 (5人)

N5の生徒: 全員合格 (2人)

すごく嬉しかったです。けど、僕の努力じゃないと思います。生徒達も一生懸命がんばったと思います。 昨夜、ある生徒(この前合格して、今回2回目N2を受けた人)は徹夜までずっとJLPTのサイトをチェックしていました。お疲れ様でした。


会話力もお忘れなく。 (^_^)
Hi all,

Today, the results of the JLPT have been released.

All my students passed.

N1: 1 person
N2: 2 persons
N3: 5 persons
N5: 2 persons.

I was very happy. It’s not my effort. I think all of them really worked very hard. There was even a student who took N2 for the 2nd time, he stayed all night to keep on checking the JLPT website. Great effort.

How was everyone’s results? If you didn’t pass, don’t give up. For those who passed, Congratulations. Please continue to work hard.

Don’t forget about your conversation skills. (^_^)

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