Can is not your average teacher that you would have expected from a classroom. Can exhibits his passion for the Japanese language, culture and teaching through his efforts to be engaging in his class and to make it lively. While your usual textbooks, worksheets, homework and periodic tests are expected, Can extends his teaching methodology to holistic conversational practices that links back to both textbook syllabus and real life scenarios. Can understand the importance that speech practices are as important as written practices to fully understand and master the language. Can also extends his teaching materials to Japanese drama and Japanese song, to allow us to practice our listening skills and at the same time, how the words are supposed to be read with the correct intonations. It is something very important to me, as it is pointless to hold a higher certificate such as N2 but a native Japanese could not understand you when you speak – which is a rather common problem with many Japanese learners.

Can’s personal touch to his teaching is also encouraging. If you are a slower learner, he will not hesitate to spend more time with you if needed. Similarly, if you are a fast learner, he will not hesitate to teach you more if he feels that you are ready. Can does not believe that what he teach should be strictly confined to the textbook syllabus – if he feels that teaching extra things would make the lesson interesting, or is relevant, or will assist in the class’s learning, he will not hesitate to do so. Can also seek periodic feedback from his students on his teaching methods to further fine tune his teaching.

Can is currently upgrading himself by taking up a course that is aimed at Japanese language teachers, whereby he will obtain a certification from Japan that he is certified to teach the language. As such, if you are keen in learning Japanese but don’t know where to start, I would recommend that you may wish to speak to him to see if he can cater to your needs.

From: Shan Rui
Student from Beginner Class
Self studied for 1 year before attending my class

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