N5文法:「何(なに)」と「何(なん)」,いつ「なん」を使う?いつ「なに」を使う? (N5 Grammar: When you do use なん、 When do you use なに?)


こんにちは. (Good day everyone)

今日はまたN5文法の謎を解いていきます。  (Today, i will solve another mystery from N5 Grammar).

いつ「なん」を使う?いつ「なに」を使う? (When you do use なん、 When do you use なに?)

1.If 「何」 is followed by 「と」、「だ」、「で」、「の」「ですか」, 「なん」 is used.

2.When you express quantifiers, e.g なんぼん、なんびき

3.When 「何」 is followed by 「も」、「が」、「を」, 「なに」 is used.

The reason why 「nani」 becomes 「nan」 is because it makes the word easier to pronounce. You can also see some patterns, like if the next character after 何 starts with d (です。なんですか。), t (と~、なんとなく) or n (の、なんのことはありません) , then you will use 「なん」.

In terms of quantifiers, if you want to say “What”, then it will be 「なに」。Example: 「なにご」 /What language.

If you want to say how many, then it would be 「なん」。Example: 「なんぽん」/How many sticks?

Some more examples are given below.

なにじん  なにいろ なにどし    なにご

なんにん  なんしょく なんねん なん(か)こくご

Of course, there are some exception to the above. I would like you, the readers of my blog to tell me what are the exceptions and do a short explanation of the exception.

3 lucky winners will receive a Kurutoga from me.

Use the below template.

Subject: 何 vs なに: Kurutoga Competition

Contact Number:
Current JLPT level:

Send your emails to here

Deadline: 12th August, 12pm.

Winners and answers will be announced on 14th August.

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