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お帰り日本5: お台場、原宿、秋葉、新宿Willer Express (Welcome back to Japan 5: Odaiba, Harajuku, Akiba, Shinjuku Willer Express)


今日、具合はちょっと悪いので、ホテルで休みました。生徒は一人で出かけました。昼ごはんを食べたばかりです。 (>_<)


昨夜、スーパーに行って、新しい味のキットカットが売られているのを気づきました。 Vanilla Iceといいます。写真を見たければ、こちらまで


Good afternoon everyone.

Apologies for not being able to update my blog.
I am not feeling well today so i am resting in the hotel. My student has went out alone and i just ate my lunch… (>_<)

Yesterday, i went to Odaiba, Harajuku and Akiba. It was a 3 day holiday for the Japanese, so there were a lot of people.

Yesterday, i went to the supermarket and realized that there was a new flavor of KitKat (Vanilla Ice) being sold. If you wish to see the pictures, you can refer to thislink

I am going to rest a while more, then think about how to make my lessons more interesting.

Next week is my birthday, my friends from Sweden and Japan are coming over to Singapore to celebrate for me. Going to have lots of fun.

Some strikes going on in Harajuku

willer Express Departure area

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