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お帰り日本 3:バイバイ徳島、ただいま東京 (Welcome back to Japan 3: Bye bye Tokushima, I am back, Tokyo)





昨日と今日の写真は↓です。 エンジョイ!
Good evening everyone. Finally reached Tokyo, after a 3 hour bus ride till Osaka, then a overnight bus to Tokyo. Super tired. but for the sake of everyone that’s reading my blog, i would like to finish writing today’s post.

Well, my student and i got back to Osaka on the 10am bus from Tokushima, then we headed off to Ichiran Ramen at Dotonbori in Osaka. During the walk there, we saw a lot of those Free Guiding shops (places that houses the ladies that sell their bodies). After lunch, we headed to Den den town in Nipponbashi and i bought a cosplay costume of Kenshin.

As a whole, the overnight bus was ok, but there is something i would like to warn all of you. When the bus is moving, don’t ever read your handphone messages,etc. It will cause inconvenience to the rest of the customers (passengers)

Enjoy the photos that i took yesterday and today!


PA (Parking Area)







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